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Weed Control in Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, Wesley Chapel, & Nearby Areas of North Carolina

We'll keep weeds at bay to help your lawn maximize available nutrients.

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Weed Control Treatments in & Around Matthews, Weddington & Ballantyne, NC

We provide weed control programs tailored for cool-season and warm-season grasses.

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Weeds hurt your lawn by competing with your grass for nutrients and dragging down its curb appeal. At Carolina Turf Lawn and Landscape, we utilize pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from sprouting and eliminate existing ones. That way, we can keep the population at bay and help your lawn maximize available nutrients. Whether you have a warm-season or cool-season lawn, we provide different application schedules tailored to meet the needs of your grass type. Our weed control treatments are also pet-safe!

We designed our weed control programs to provide well-rounded care for your grass. Depending on your grass type, our programs can include lawn fertilization treatments, core aeration, overseeding, lime treatments, and a root enhancer spray. Our weed control service is available to homes and businesses in Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, NC, and nearby areas.

Our Weed Control Schedule for Cool-Season Lawns

Here in North Carolina, both cool-season and warm-season types of grass thrive. No matter the grass type you have on your property, you can rest assured we provide weed control programs that follow a schedule tailored to meet the specific needs of each. These programs include multiple pre- and post-emergent treatments applied at different times of the year to stop weeds from becoming a massive problem on your turf! Depending on the grass type you have, we will stomp weeds down by following these weed control schedules:

  • Cool-Season Lawns: If you have a cool-season lawn like tall fescue, we will apply pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments between February-April to prevent weeds from emerging on your turf and eliminate any existing growth. Then, we will do another pre- and post-emergent application in April-May to ensure your lawn remains weed-free. In July-August, our team will treat your lawn again with a post-emergent treatment to get rid of weeds that might have sprouted on your lawn.
  • Warm-Season Lawns: Warm-season lawns like bermudagrass, St. Augustine, and zoysia grass will receive the first round of pre- and post-emergent treatments in February-April to get ahead of weeds and eliminate any existing growth on your turf. Then, we'll do another pre- and post-emergent treatment in April-May. Our next post-emergent weed control application is in September-October to ensure your turf is weed-free. Then, we'll apply one more post-emergent treatment in November-December.

Our weed control treatments target aggressive and invasive weeds like clover and crabgrass.

What is included in our weed control programs?

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Our weed control programs are designed to do more than protect your turf from pesky weeds. Our weed control program for cool-season lawns includes lawn fertilization, core aeration, overseeding, and lime treatments. Our lawn fertilizers provide your grass with enough supply of nutrients to help it thrive, while our lime treatments will restore a balanced soil pH to help with your lawn's nutrient uptake. We'll also aerate your cool-season lawn in the fall to relieve soil compaction and then overseed it after to make your lawn lusher and fuller.

For warm-season lawns, our program includes lawn fertilization, core aeration, and root enhancer spray. Just like our cool-season program, our lawn fertilizers ensure your grass is well-nourished with vital nutrients and our core aeration process will loosen compacted soil to help the roots of your grass absorb these nutrients and other resources. This program incorporates a root enhancer spray to help your grass develop a healthier root system!

Our weed control treatments are pet-safe after drying.

Pet safe grass and lawn with dogs playing around on it near Matthews, NC.

We know that the safety of your furry family members is always a priority for you, and you can rely on us to prioritize that too! We will advise you to keep your pets off your lawn during our weed control treatments; this will not only ensure your pets are safe but also allow the treatments to take full effect. Once our treatments have dried up, you are free to use your lawn with your pets like normal!

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Our team at Carolina Turf Lawn and Landscape proudly offers weed control treatments to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, NC, and nearby areas. When you work with us, you can trust that we'll stay 100% focused on tackling weeds so your grass can flourish.

We offer our weed control service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, NC, and nearby areas. Enroll in our professional weed control program by giving us a call at (704) 649-0430 today!