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Premium Lawn & Landscaping Services for Homes, Businesses & HOAs in Midland, NC

We offer lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, hardscape installation, and irrigation services.

Midland, NC, is a small town with approximately 4,800 residents that is located in Cabarrus County. It sits just east of Charlotte, so while it provides quaint, rural living, it's still close to big-city amenities. However, there's plenty to enjoy here, such as Rob Wallace Park, which features walking trails and a green space for outdoor fun. The Reed Gold Mine is another well-known attraction where you can explore the site of the first gold finding documented in the country.

At Carolina Turf Lawn and Landscape, we've provided premium lawn and landscaping services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Midland, NC, since 2010. We offer everything from lawn care and maintenance to landscaping, hardscape installation, and irrigation services!

Turn Your Lawn Into The Epitome of Health & Beauty With Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

If you want your lawn to be the epitome of health and beauty, look no further than our lawn care services. We offer everything you need to achieve a strong, green turf, including fertilization and weed control. We'll regularly apply these treatments throughout the year to nourish your grass while keeping it free of common weeds in Midland, NC, including clover and crabgrass. We can also perform core aeration and overseeding to address soil compaction and fill bare and patchy areas with new growth.

Our team provides lawn maintenance services to keep your turf manicured and pristine. From mowing your lawn weekly during the growing season to removing leaves and cleaning up your yard - we're your go-to for all of it. We offer the following lawn care and maintenance services in Midland:

Our fire ant control and mosquito control services are just what you need to keep these annoying pests off your property!

What landscaping services do we offer?

We offer several high-quality landscaping services to help keep your property in Midland, NC, in tip-top condition. Our team can create a 2D design rendering so you can see how your project will look before installation begins, illuminate your outdoor space at night, and establish a new lawn via seeding or sod. Additionally, we can install new landscape beds or renovate existing ones, then fill them with plants and annual flowers, including pansies, roses, hydrangeas, begonias, vincas, and more.

Your plants are focal points on your property, and we'll ensure they stay healthy with fertilization, disease and insect control, and trimming and pruning. On the other hand, we can also remove any trees you no longer want, then grind down the stump afterward. We even provide a customizable lawn and landscape program, and you can choose what services you want it to include to satisfy your specific needs! Our landscaping services are as follows:

We offer snow removal and deicing services to residential and commercial properties in Midland, NC.

We design and build hardscapes like patios, walkways, fire pits, and more.

If you want to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space, then our hardscape installation services are just what you need. We can design and build a patio from highly durable and eye-catching materials, such as concrete pavers, sandstone, limestone, granite, and more. We can also install a matching walkway to make it easier than ever to navigate your outdoor area in Midland, NC. Meanwhile, a retaining wall will help prevent soil erosion and create more flat, usable space.

Our Irrigation Services Include Installation, Repairs, Winterization & Startups

Your irrigation system is crucial to keeping your grass and plants well-watered throughout the growing season. At Carolina Turf Lawn and Landscape, we offer various services to keep it in optimal condition so it can do its job. For example, we can safely shut it down for the winter season in Midland, NC, then bring it online again come spring. Our team can also handle any repairs, plus install a new system if you don't already have one! Our irrigation services include the following:

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At Carolina Turf Lawn and Landscape, we offer our lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties and HOAs in Midland, NC. Call us today at (704) 649-0430 to schedule any of our services!