Your cool-season lawn in North Carolina should receive a fertilizer treatment during the fall season to maintain its optimum health. With the summer season having just ended, the fertilizer treatment will help your grass recover from heat-related stress. It's also a great way to replenish your lawn's nutrient supply and build up its strength before it goes into dormancy. Fall fertilization treatments will also stimulate root growth, so your lawn has an excellent foundation to endure the cold temperatures and survive the winter season. Once winter is over, the fertilizer treatment you applied in the fall will continue benefitting your grass by helping it bounce back quicker in the spring.

Fertilize your grass during the fall season to help it recuperate from summer stress.

The heat of the summer season can take a toll on the health of your cool-season grass. Its nutrient supply will be depleted as it will have spent most of its energy trying to endure heat and drought conditions. The fall season is the perfect time to start its road to recovery, and a nourishing fertilizer treatment is the best way to kickstart it. Lawn fertilizers contain vital nutrients that will help your lawn recuperate from any summer-related stress, restoring its optimal health.

A fertilization treatment in the fall builds up your lawn's strength for the winter.

The fall season provides ideal conditions that promote active growth for cool-season lawns. While your grass will be thriving during this season, you'll want to give it an added boost of nutrients so it can continue to build up its strength. The stronger and healthier your grass gets during the fall, the better chance it will have to endure the upcoming winter season. That's why you should apply a fertilization treatment to your lawn in the fall.

Fall Fertilization Treatments Promote Robust Root Growth

A robust root system serves as one of your lawn's primary support systems as it goes through the winter season. Because of this, you want to ensure your lawn's roots are strong and deep. That's where fall lawn fertilization treatments can help! One of the nutrients found in fertilizers is phosphorus, which encourages the development of a vigorous root system. With this nutrient in its arsenal, your lawn will spend winter with deep roots that will help it endure cold temperatures.

It's best to pair fall fertilizers with weed control treatments to eliminate weeds that can compete with your grass for nutrients.

Fertilizer applications in the fall set up your lawn for success in the spring.

Lawn fertilization treatments in the fall don't just benefit your grass in the fall and winter because they also set up your lawn for success come springtime. When you feed your lawn before it goes dormant, its roots can slowly absorb the nutrients over the course of winter, it won't be in bad shape when spring arrives. A good fall fertilization treatment will help your lawn get back on its feet in the spring in tip-top health and start the new growing season on the right foot!

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